Officers and Board of Directors

IRES Officers

IRES officers are elected by the Board of Directors. The webmaster is appointed by the Board.

President 2022
Francois Viruly

Past President
Joseph Ooi

Associate Executive Director
Kimberly Winson-Geideman

Jeff Robert

President elect 2023
Steven Williams

Executive Director
Karen M. Gibler

Tanja Tyvimaa

Paloma Taltavull

IRES Directors

Each member society selects three people to serve on the Board of Directors along with the officers and two industry members selected by the Board.

Catherine Kariuki, AfRES
Kunle Awolaja, AfRES
Kola Akinsomi, AfRES
David Chan, AsRES
Kwan Ok Lee AsRES
Kazuto Sumita, AsRES
James Young, ARES
Meagan McCullom, ARES
Dustin Read, ARES Henry Chen, Industry

Eamonn D’Arcy, ERES
Martin Hoesli, ERES
Ramón Sotelo, ERES
Chyi Lin Lee, PRRES
Graham Squires, PRRES
Neville Hurst, PRRES
Claudio Alencar, LARES
Eliane Monetti, LARES
Alessandro Vedrossi, LARES Patrick Katabua, Industry

Francois Viruly, President Joseph Ooi, Past President Steven Bourassa, Past President Tanja Tyvimaa, Secretary
Jeff Robert, Treasurer
Karen Gibler, Executive Director Kimberly Winson-Geideman, Associate Executive Director

African Real Estate Society (AfRES)

President: Kola Akinsomi
Executive Director: Aly Karam

American Real Estate Society (ARES)

President: Phillip Seagraves
Executive Director: David Funk

Asian Real Estate Society (AsRES)

President: Hiroshi Ishijima
Executive Director: Rose Lai

European Real Estate Society (ERES)

President: Gunther Maier
Executive Director: Michael White

Latin American Real Estate Society (LARES)

President : Alessandro Vedrossi
Admin & Finance Director: José Varandas

Pacific-Rim Real Estate Society (PRRES)

President : Chyi Lin Lee
Executive Director: Neville Hurst