International Real Estate Society
IRES Affiliated Conferences

The following is a list of conference organised by the IRES sister societies. Further details of each is available at the websites of each sister society.

2018, January. 2018, PRRES Annual Meeting, Auckland, New Zealand.

2018, April. 34rd ARES Annual Meeting, Estero, Fl, US.

2018, June, 27-30th. 25th ERES Annual Meeting, Reading, UK.

2018, July 15-18th. AsRES Annual Meeting, Songdo, Korea.

2018, September 26-28th. 18th LARES Annual Meeting, Sao Paulo, Brasil.

2018, September 11-14th. 18th AfRES Annual Meeting, Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria.

2019, January 14-16th, 25th PRRES Annual Meeting, Melbourne, Australia.

2019, April. 35th ARES Annual Meeting, Paradise Valley, AZ, US.

2019, July, 3-6th. 26th ERES Annual Meeting, Cergy-Pontoise Cedex (Paris), France.

2019, July . 24th AsRES Annual Meeting, .

2019, September. 19th LARES Annual Meeting, Sao Paulo, Brasil.

2019, September 10-13th. 19th AfRES Annual Meeting, Arusha, Tanzania .

IRES supported meetings

1999, AsRES & PRRES Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia .

2000, ARES Santa Bárbara, California, US.

2001, IRES World Congress, Alaska .

2002, ERES Glasgow, Scotland.

2003, ERES, Helsinki, Finland.

2004, ARES Captiva Island, Florida USA .

2005, ERES, Dublin, Ireland.

2006, PRRES, Auckland New Zealand.

2007, AsRES Macau, China.

2008, ARES Captiva Island, Florida, USA.

2009, ERES Stockholm, Sweden.

2010, PRRES Wellington, New Zealand.

2011, AsRES Jeju Island, South Korea.

2012, ARES, San Petersburg, Florida, US.

2013, ERES Vienna, Austria.

2014, PRRES Christchurch, New Zealand.

2015, AsRES Washington, DC, US.

2016, ARES Denver, US.

2017, LARES Sao Paulo, Brasil.

2018, ERES Reading, UK.