GWIRE: Global Women in Real Estate — 2022 Events

Resilience and Real Estate (tentative topic)

30 August, 2022

Join GWIRE as we explore the global topic of Resilience in Real Estate. We will hear from a keynote speaker and then break into smaller groups based on research interests to continue and develop new networking groups among GWIRE participations in both academia and industry.

To join a current networking group or to learn more about the upcoming event, contact a member of the Organizing Committee (below) or the IRES Executive Director at:

Organizing Committee


Meagan McCollum


University of Tulsa


Research Interest

Mortgages; Sustainability

Yi Wu

Andressa Danielle Figueira

University of Reading

AEM Servicos de Engenharia Civil

Housing; Big data

Olga Filippova

Kwan Ok Lee

University of Auckland

National University of Singapore

Resiliency; Investments

Housing policy

Jing Li

Karen McGrath

Singapore Management University

Bucknell University

Urban economics; Real estate economics

Sustainability; Investments

Liyaning Maggie Tang

Esther Thontteh

University of Newcastle

University of Lagos

Big data; Construction


This event is made possible by the volunteer organizers and participants.  We acknowledge the support of the Presidents and Executive Directors of IRES and its sister societies.